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Written & Produced by Ayden VIce & Andreas RUND, VOcals by Ayden Vice, Mastered by Josh Benzin


the total package

3 mastered tracks (original, radio, video versions)
HD music video shot on RED
Vinyl cover art mockups and 300dpi high-res files for print


Vinyl artwork shot and designed by Ayden Vice


Come Back To Me music video

Password: comebacktime

This song and video cast a sensual spell, repeating a summons for return. The rhythm and repetition of the call become an endless loop, an ouroboros in which the seeker’s hunger is so deep it feeds on itself. The raw harsh sounds and clinical white visuals contrast the melodic and percussive sensualism , emphasizing different realms of asking, from the objective to the emotional to the spiritual. The concept draws upon symbolism to create a multilayered message approaching hypnosis.

This concept was achieved by creative applications of symbolism through latex, a belly dancer, and some fruit.

Written, Directed, Edited, Graded, Produced by Ayden Vice
DOPed by Ivan Knesevic & Nicolaas Kroone / Assisted by Romain Colomer
FX by Ayden Vice & Dmytro Zernytskyi
Costume, styling, makeup by Margo Jeanette

Production managed by Jenna Mildenhall
Scientist played by Andreas Rund
Desert Ninja and Polo Neck Guy played by Ayden Vice
The Seeker played by Jessica Hsia
Belly Danced by Sarah
Latex Arms by Margo Jeanette